PhilaMuseum ░ Indigenous Peoples Day
In lieu of Columbus Day, many states celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day. This More Art Monday, we’re highlighting some of our favorite artworks in the collection made by Native American artists.
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Untitled,” 1939, by Haida artist John Wallace
Onrush of Time,” 1990, by Cherokee artist Kay WalkingStick
Scarf ‘Neuf Series #36’,” designed 1993, by Cheyenne and Arapaho Nation artist Hock E Aye Vi Edgar Heap of Birds
Segyp Kos’ket Saw Tamp? (Coyote Where Are You Going?),” 1997, by Wiyot artist Rick Bartow
Pillow,” 19th century, by unknown Nez Perce artist
Self-Portrait,” 1989, by Okanagan/Sinixt  artist Joseph Feddersen
Screaming Eagle Blues,” 1989, by Paiute and Shoshone artist Jack Malotte
Bag,” late 19th century, unknown Native American artist (possibly Woodlan